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Cecilia Angell Soprano
Cecilia Angell Photo
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Verdi Opera Gala
Van Vleck Gardens
"A real Verdi soprano, [Ms. Angell’s] voice is powerful and rich with an easy top, her language skills are beautiful, and she sings with a passion that is not heard very often these days.  She is a mesmerizing stage presence."
— Steven Crawford, conductor (Metropolitan Opera)

Il trovatore
New Jersey State Repertory Opera
"I have seen Trovatore at a few world famous opera houses and have yet to see a Leonora who does not scream when she sings. Ms. Angell (Leonora) did better in [her] role than some of the singers I have seen in the ‘big houses.’...Talent like this does not come along everyday."
—Charlene Frank, OperaNotes.com

Il trovatore
National Lyric Opera
"Particularly fine, the darkly lustrous, multi-layered but flexible voice of Peruvian-born soprano Cecilia Angell was just right for the aristocratic Leonora...Elegantly proportioned and gracious in bearing, she looked every inch the part and, what’s more important, sang and acted convincingly."
—Anna Crebo, Cape Cod Times

Dicapo Opera Theatre
"In Cecilia Angell, Dicapo found a Vanessa capable of handling the role’s soaring vocal demands and making her neurotic, compulsive personality both convincing and sympathetic. Her large, intensely colored soprano beautifully conveyed Vanessa's seething, yet often repressed passions."
—Freeman Günter, Classical Singer

"Cecilia Angell sings the haughty, demanding title role...An exciting singing actress, [Angell] is a wonderful clothes horse (a major asset here) and displays excellent musicianship, especially in managing well the many high, soft attacks"
—David Shengold, Opera-L Listserv

"Cecilia Angell…held the stage and sang with fervor."
—Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

"...A gallant, beautiful impersonation..."
—Patrick Giles, Opera News

La vida breve
Dicapo Opera Theatre, New York City
"Soprano Cecilia Angell had the right sultry yet vulnerable demeanor and lush voice for the part—she admirably passed the gauntlet of her two impassioned arias, while her big Act I duet was the musical highpoint of the evening."
—Bill Zakariasen, Opera News

"The music is dramatic, and brooding, calling up a level of intensity which was adequately matched by the singers. Salud’s aria, was well sung by Cecilia Angell...She has a beautiful appearance, and an expressive voice."
—Susan Razavi/ Alta Classica, Opera-L Listserv

La vida breve
Grant Park Music Festival
"Angell's dark tone was rich and velvety throughout [Falla's Seven Popular Spanish Songs], and she regularly added her impressive trills and ornamentation within the style…Angell as Salud [was] superb."
—Dennis Polkow, Chicago Tribune

La vida breve
San Francisco Symphony
"A fine high mezzo-soprano, Cecilia Angell, a native of Peru, sang poignantly in the sympathetic role of Salud’s grandmother."
—Robert Commanday, San Francisco Chronicle
Virginia Opera
"Cecilia Angell was a sultry and seductive Carmen, with a burnished mezzo-soprano voice that made her famous 'Habanera' aria…dark and smoldering."
—David Nicholson, Norfolk Daily Press

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra
"Cecilia Angell, born to play Carmen, brought flirtatious charisma to the role, singing with fiery abandon and agility."
—Connie V. Carey, Opera News

Hawaii Opera
"A lusty, earthy Carmen boasted Cecilia Angell in the title role. Boldly voiced and oozing ardor, her Gypsy seemed ready to rumble or romance at the drop of a cigarette butt, delivering all with relish."
—Howard Driver, Opera News

New Jersey State Opera
"The performance got off to a slow start, failing to catch fire until Carmen's entrance. Then there was sizzle aplenty, all night long, from a memorable leading lady. In the title role, Cecilia Angell made a dazzling impression that only grew stronger and stronger during the course of the opera. This mezzo has star quality. Angell proved herself to be a spontaneous, compelling Carmen who stole scenes without batting an eyelash. She smoldered without burning, toying with the audience much as her character toys with every male in sight. Angell sounded assured and comfortable; she sang with bite, energy, intelligence and nerve. Possibly, just possibly, this mezzo may emerge as an artist of major importance."
—Michael Redmond, The Star Ledger

Augusta Opera
"To [the director's] advantage, he was abetted by a strong ensemble cast headed by Peruvian Cecilia Angell. Even at this early stage in her career, the mezzo’s assumption of the title role was close to staggering. A striking, dusky beauty, she displayed a voice of seamless range and impeccable diction. Her solos were showstoppers, particularly her kittenish but smoldering seguidilla."
—John Crook, Opera News

New Jersey State Opera
"Ms. [Patanè] also had strong competition for our attention. Miss Angell's dark, beautifully managed voice was deeply sympathetic in 'Zanetto.'"
—Bernard Holland, New York Times

New York Recital Debut
Merkin Hall
"The mezzo-soprano Cecilia Angell is a performer of passion, charm and honest sentiment. She knows how to communicate and she knows how to get an audience excited, as she did yesterday afternoon at her Merkin Hall recital. She sang music of nine composers, in five languages, with an openness of feeling that warmed the heart."
—Will Crutchfield, New York Times

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